Terms and Conditions

Clutter to Clean LLC Policy

Our Service Policy

Clutter to Clean LLC agrees to provide you with the services and you agree to pay the price you was quoted , unless management has approved any changes. Clutter to Clean LLC does take before and after photos and videos of our work. If you wouldn't like photos taken, please let us know when booking .


Can't be home on booking day, don't worry !!! You can arrange to leave the Key with the doorman and let them know that we will be coming on you scheduled date and time slot .Some clients have lock box with the code and instructions, on where to access the lock box . If you need to make other arrangements, please contact the office. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE IF THE LOCKS ARE DEFECTIVE AND CLEANERS CANNOT ACCESS YOUR SPACE. IF LOCKSMITH IS NEEDED, THE CUSTOMER MUST COVER ANY EXPENSES.


Appointments slots are available 7 days a week , by appointment only . We do offer same day/ emergency cleaning which an additional squeeze in fee is added. We require a deposit which is due before cleaning . We accept All major credit cards and Zelle. Our Zelle is
[email protected] . Please send a copy of payment receipts with name if its different from booking name . If you cancel the day of the cleaning, your deposit ISN'T refundable. If you need to reschedule, please give us a call, 48 hour in advance . If we arrive at the assigned location and unable to gain access for more than 15 mins, we will cancel your appointment. If for any reason we are unable to make the scheduled cleaning, your deposit will be fully refunded.

If you have other contractors scheduled the same day of cleaning, please let the office know before cleaning. We prefer to come after of before other contractors . If we unable to complete our task and must come back to finish, there will be an additional fee added to your balance.

Please respect our time .



All techs will bring all cleaning supplies and equipment to insure we provide you with the best cleaning possible. If it's something in specific you would like us to use , please provide it or let the office know. Please inform us of any allergy symptoms to any products before cleaning.

Broken fixtures and loosen items :

You are responsible for notifying us if fixtures or items are NOT 100% secure. However, our techs that arrives to your place will inspect your fixtures or items to ensure that they are fully secure prior to service . If upon inspection our techs recognizes that fixtures or items are not fully secure you will be notified of the risks immediately. At that time you have the option to decline service of certain fixtures or items we can proceed with service. If the client decides to proceed with service of broken or not stable fixtures or items , a photo will be taken prior to the start of servicing .. Additionally, the client agrees not to hold Clutter to Clean LLC nor its employees responsible if this results in the fixture or item future damaged/broken. We are not responsible for damage due to faulty and/or improper installation of any item.


In-home temperatures should be comfortable prior to the start of service. Under no circumstances will services be performed in an environment that isn’t physically comfortable for labor. This includes but is not limited to extreme heat or extreme cold. If the property doesn't have power or water please book when services are restored. In the event that your appointment is cancelled due to uncomfortable temperatures within your place, you will be charged a cancellation fee.



We can move furniture and trash for an additional fee . Please contact the office for additional prices.



We really appreciate your cooperation. All payments are handled directly with the company, not to the tech.



We require a scheduled walk through we don't give prices without viewing the job . If you need a quote for a please gives us a call 708-628-7429.



We are pet-friendly and always appreciate your cooperation in safely securing your pets on our cleaning days. Please note that our staff are professionally trained, but for health reasons we cannot be responsible for your pet.



Here at Clutter to Clean LLC we take privacy very seriously. We respect you and at no time will share any customer information with ANY outside source.




We have the choice to leave upon arrival if the property is in extreme condition or feel unsafe/threatened.



For safety reasons, cleaning staff are not permitted to step higher than a 2-Step, Step Stool provided by the client to reach higher areas.    



All schedule changes are handled directly with the company not with the cleaner that cleans the home. This helps avoid compromising to unavailable times since the cleaners does not have full access to the company schedule system.



Services might be terminated at any time by either party for any reason. Please kindly give us a 48 hour notice for all cancelled appointments.



Gratuity is not included and we recommend tipping on the full value of service(s). Tips are always appreciated by our staff.



All trash cans will be emptied and re-lined as requested. Clutter to Clean LLC team will not throw away anything without authorization from management.


In the event of extreme weather conditions, we will contact you and your appointment will be rescheduled to the next available date.


We invest a lot in training to find a qualified cleaner to provide the services. All of our staff has signed a Non-Compete agreement with us. Offering money on the side for a service that the company should be receiving are not allowed and unethical. Customer and cleaners agrees to pay a penalty of $30,000 should he/she engage current or former employees of Clutter to Clean LLC for janitorial duties for a period of one year past the date of the last cleaning by Clutter to Clean LLC.


Our crew is well trained and we strive for quality and we can guarantee this! If you want something personalized, we require sending an email with the notes and details that you would like us to pay attention to. We get it right or we make it right. If we missed something from our cleaning day, please notify us within 12-24 hours of your service date and please provide pictures to: [email protected] for quality control and we will happily schedule a free re-clean to the area that you need it and the service must be completed within 12-24 hours of the re clean request. No refund. Good communication is the best way to ensure your satisfaction. Let us know how to improve or what to do differently.